Established in 1978, the Hydra-Tone Chemicals group of companies has delivered a diverse line of products to meet our customer's ever-changing needs.

From “Graffiti Abatement” to “Gun Care” to “Water Treatment” to “The Coal Industry”, Hydra-Tone continues to offer top performing products from the consumer level, up to our nation’s largest corporations.

Developing a strong relationship with the Railroad Industry in the 1980’s, Hydra-Tone was one of the first companies to develop an all “Green” cleaning, degreasing,  and graffiti removal program, that would revolutionize safety standards across the industry. These “GREEN TEAM” products are Bio-Degradable & Non-Flammable, while maintaining unrivaled performance. Along with low VOC’s and a neutral pH, the “GREEN TEAM” products have enabled a safer work place for our customers, and less impact on our environment. Adopting a “Green” program has allowed our customers to reduce there emissions footprint, eliminate hazardous chemicals, reduce water treatment costs, and increase employee morale.  Contact us, to see how the “Green Team” of products can positively effect your organization.

Hydra-Tone introduced the Rusty Duck™ line of lubricants & gun care products in 1983. Our All-Purpose lubricant is the perfect remedy for anything that sticks or squeaks. For our industrial customers, this line of products includes Lubricants, Rust Inhibitors, & Greases, used on tools, vehicles, equipment and machinery. And for our hunting and shooting friends, “TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT!” with the Rusty Duck™ line of gun care products. Keep your firearms performing the way their supposed to, by keeping them clean and rust free. There’s no better way to do that, than with Rusty Duck™.  Rusty Duck™ is the obvious product of choice if you are the fortunate owner of one of our very own Markesbery Muzzle Loaders.

With leading innovation and proven performance; see what Hydra-Tone can do for you.
To our customers,

Thank you! We fully realize that our success is directly tied to your satisfaction. Though there are many products on the market, you’ve chosen ours to meet your needs. We do not take that lightly. We will work diligently to continue to EARN your business by providing the products, performance, and service that you’ve come to expect from us. We truly appreciate you partnering with us, and welcome your suggestions.

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Thanks again, from all of us at Hydra-Tone Chemicals.